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*1:07 p.m.* - *March 08, 2007 *

~*I'm not dead!*~

Wow. That was a LONG break between entries. Let's see if I can sum up my fabulourly fangirlish life...

The important thing to note about Christmas: I was a VERY, VERY happy otaku. My anime DVD bookshelf is cram packed with anime I still have to watch (I got ALL I was missing of Fullmetal!! AND VOLTRON! I LOVE VOLTRON!!). There's also a pile of manga sitting next to my computer that's as big as the monitor. And that's what I still have to read. ^_^

Now that I've gotten past BLEACH filler and am writing a new entry, it's almost con time again! I can't believe it! A month beforehand and guess what? Costumes still aren't done. ^_^ Although I have managed to work on them some. I'm supposedly doing one more if Ra-chan gets me the materials. I wonder how hard a Kagura dress actually is?

My biggest worry is out of the way, though. I found the MOST PERFECT wig for my Senri costume! And actually ordered it! ^_^; Now if I can just finish his costume....

Ugh, I'm too tired to think of a rant right now. Oh! And check out my manga box at the bottom. ^_^ Nap time, nap time! Ja!

Song of the moment: Pilot is the Hero - NIKO. I am SO OBSESSED with Parapara right now...it's one of my favorite dances.

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